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The process of listing and selling your home or property can be daunting. Your home is a place you’ve invested a lot of time, energy, and resources into over the years, and it’s important to make sure you receive a return on that investment when the time comes to sell. At Coffey Realty, we walk with you through each step in the selling process, from prepping and listing your home to working with potential buyers and accepting an offer.

This step-by-step seller’s to-do list can help you identify parts of the process you may not have considered in preparing to sell your home. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have!

Seller's To-Do List  


Clean and Declutter Your Home

One quick way to make your home instantly more appealing to potential buyers is to give it a thorough cleaning. Get rid of any unused or unsightly items inside your house, minimize the amount of clutter on surfaces, and scrub all areas of your home where a potential buyer might be looking. You can also improve your home’s curb appeal by focusing on your front yard—mowing the lawn, power washing the driveway, and even adding a few seasonal plants to the porch.


Complete Home Improvements

Over the years, your house has probably experienced some wear and tear. Before you list your home, go through your house and repair any damages or problems that might cause a reduction in its value. You can do this through a little elbow grease on your own, or you can opt for professional repairs to those larger fixes. You can also increase your return on investment by adding popular home features that might catch the eye of a potential buyer.


Price Your Home Strategically

When working through this step to accurately price your home, consider what investments you’ve made in your house throughout your time there. How much did you pay when you bought it? What improvements have you made since then? What are similar homes in the area being sold for? These questions can help you determine a reasonable asking price and to ensure your home sells quickly.


Know When Your Home Was Updated

Make sure you know exactly when your home was last updated by prepping a full list of any renovations, updates, or repairs you made while living there. Make note of how old your roof is, the last time you updated your water heater, furnace, or air conditioner, and if you replaced your windows. This information will need to be given to potential buyers.


Work with a Realtor

The final step in prepping your home to sell is to choose a trustworthy realtor who can help ensure your home sells quickly and at a competitive cost. Our team of realty experts are more than willing to help you through any step of the process, and we take pride in treating each of our clients like family! If you’re looking to sell your home, please contact us so we can help you take the next steps in putting it on the market.

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